Debt Recovery For Businesses And Individuals

During the course of more than 12 years involved in debt collection for Enterprises & Individuals, Cactus has a lot of luck to approach and understand the needs and concerns of Customers when moving to external debt recovery partner. That may be the fulfillment of Customer information security requirements; ensuring compliance to preserve Customer’s image; ensuring the efficiency of debt recovery is stable; ensuring compliance with the provisions of law, etc.

From that fact, Cactus has built a system to ensure the peace of mind of customers when using the service, including: Cacti has a professional debt management management system, capable of allowing Customers access to manage profile information; Cactus establishes a security system according to ISO 27001-2003 standard; Cactus develops specialized call recording software to ensure that all recalled phone calls are recorded and ready to be provided to customers when needed; Cactus has internal control system to ensure the lowest risk of compliance during the debt collection process …

Debt collection fees are set based on closeness and parallel with customers over the long term. and, in particular, the debt recovery fee will only arise when Cactus is able to recover its customers’ receivable debts.

The debt collection process for Business & Individual customers typically includes the following basic steps:

  • (i) Receiving and studying records to determine the legal basis of the debt;
  • (ii) Receive and check basic information of the Customer to determine debt recovery capacity;
  • (iii) Notify the Customer of issues related to the legal documents of the debt, additional documents, debt recovery plans, fees related to debt recovery;
  • (iv) Carry out debt collection activities according to the plan agreed with the Customer.


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