Capacity profile

Information about XUONG RONG (BON DRAGON) Debt Collection Corporation.

Legal basis

  • Established date: July 7, 2004
  • Certificate of registration: 0303505994
  • Certificate of eligibility for security and order: 02-CL3 / GCN
  • Insurrance:
    • Public Liability Insurance: Insurance for liabilities of third parties during the course of service, with a total insured value of USD 500,000.
    • Accident Insurance 24/24: The limit of compensation of the insurance when the risk occurs within the coverage with the amount of VND 20,000,000 per employee.


  • Head office in Ho Chi Minh City, address: 105 Nguyen Thi Thap, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, TP. HCM;
  • Hanoi Office, address: 9th Floor, Viglacera Building, No. 2 Hoang Quoc Viet, Nghia Do Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi;
  • Can Tho Office, address: 69 Nguyễn Trãi, An Hội Ward, Ninh Kiều District, TP. Can Tho;
  • Dong Nai Office, address: C50, N2 street, Buu Long planning area, KP1, P. Buu Long, TP. Bien Hoa Dong Nai.


  • Consumer debt handling department:
    • Mainly responsible for handling consumer debt files including visa cards, unsecured loans from Banks and Financial Institutions;
    • The number of professional staff is 100 as of 09/2019.
  • Commercial debt handling department:
    • Responsible for (i) analyzing the legal basis of the debt, (ii) drafting legal documents, (iii) working with relevant government agencies, (iv) conducting proceedings when necessary; (v) supervise compliance with the laws and regulations of other parts of the Company.
    • The number includes 02 lawyers and 02 assistant lawyers.
  • Information Department:
    • Act as a hub of information exchanging between Cactus and customers; manage information on the system to ensure the information processing requirements and standards of information security of Cactus.
  • IT department:
    • Maintenance, testing, troubleshooting, improving the network system, patching, preventing network servers server at the company and neighboring branches;
    • Maintain, maintain, update and scan computer viruses for all clients in the Company;
    • Monitor and maintain the operation of Internet Email system, manage Outlook mail, troubleshoot problems related to Outlook mail;
    • Managing Voice IP server and Voice IP clients for the whole country (troubleshooting, connecting clients from branches to companies, managing call recording systems, managing call security, … );
    • Managing the entire surveillance camera system of the company. Ensuring the confidentiality of supervision for the whole Company;
    • Website administration ( ). Server administration at the Company;
    • Administration of File Server, Ftp Server, Print Server (Managing permissions, creating, modifying or deleting users on the system, monitoring System Logs, etc.);
    • Manage backup / restore data on the system, ensure backup archives are encrypted, backup files confidentially.
  • The compliance monitoring unit has the following basic duties:
    • Be responsible for overseeing the compliance of all Company employees with the Company’s rules, rules, regulations, rules, procedures and laws;
    • Be responsible for detecting, recording, verifying, reminding and / or making a record of the violation and proposing measures to handle the violations so that the Administration – Personnel Department can handle. according to the law.


Specialized software for debt collection management:

  • Integrating all the profile information of customers into the software;
  • Integrating debt settlement process;
  • Login security mode through 3 layers;
  • Decentralization regime for each location and customer area;
  • Account provision mode for log in customers;

 Call recording system:

  • Ensure all calls when working with customers at the office are recorded 100% of the number and content of calls;
  • Store call information for 06 months and give it back to customers when required.

Security system according to Iso 27001-2013 standard. Cite some settings:

  • Email Sever System:
    • Integrating debt settlement process;
    • Email server system is located in Cactus intranet and is protected by Firewall;
    • Email system is not accessible from the internet, but only at Cactus intranet;
    • All emails of individuals belonging to the professional division (consumer and commercial debt) will not be allowed to send email to the outside, only to send emails within the internal system of Cactus;
    • All emails that are allowed to be sent outside are only allowed to send preconfigured addresses on the system, including: @; @; @; @; @; @; @; @; @; @; @; @; @; @; @; @; @

When there is a change in the setup of the email system, it must be approved by the CIO before setting the change.

  • Software system:
    • The software system is set up in the Cactus intranet and protected by Firewall;
    • The database on the “debt collection management” software is encrypted using TDE – AES 128 bit method. Data used for backups are also encrypted using TDE – AES 128 bis method. The data encryption will be automatically encrypted when a task arises on the software. Encrypting software databases makes it impossible to use the database on another system when it is lost.
    • When logging into the system, there will be two layers of User and Password login, accordingly:
      • The first-class login User and Password are changed monthly by the IT department on the first Sunday of the month;
      • The second login user and password are provided by the HCNS Staff only once when the contract is officially signed.
    • Principles of creating a Password on the system: minimum of 8 characters, including: number; lowercase letters; uppercase letters; Special characters. Users are allowed to change the Password for the first login.
    • Principle of locking users on the system: Users on the system are locked when employees using users no longer work at the company. HCNS Department implements the User lock on the system within 24 hours after the official employee quits.
  • Regulations on setting up administrative account levels:

    • Regulations for decentralizing account level 1 (Admin account) include: Head of Information Department – Information Officer – Backup account. (Backup account is intended to provide partners to make changes, reinstall the system. Backup account is provided only once and the password changes each time. Backup account only usable at the office of the company).
    • The provisions on decentralization of second-level accounts include: Director of Operations Division – Head of HCNS Department – HCNS Staff.
    • The provisions on decentralization of 3rd level accounts include: Managing the professional division.
      Principles of creating a Password on the system: minimum of 8 characters, including: number; lowercase letters; uppercase letters; Special characters. Users are allowed to change the Password for the first login.
    • Regulations on decentralizing account level 4 include: Professional staff.
      • Regulations on the use of Internet in the system: Only use the available web browser installed by the IT department (Chrome and Firefox) and access the company’s authorized websites.
  • Camera systems:
    • Installed in all departments in 08 offices of Cactus;
    •  Retain camera images for 3 months.
      • Process of random inspection of customer records (see attached document)

      • Process for resolving customer complaints (see attached document)

      • Plan to ensure uninterrupted service provision (see attached document)

      • Process of printing and destroying documents (see attached document)

      • Information security policy (see attached document)

    • Establish information security standards and disseminate them throughout the system;
    • 6-month training for employees on policies at all offices;
    • Update new policy points within 3 months.


Handling consumer debt includes unsecured loans and credit cards, dealing with commercial debt, recovering cars, handling mortgages, and participating in legal proceedings to create a legal basis for enforce debt recovery, support judgment execution.


Long-term cooperation with customers (willing to support customers for non-contract jobs, if within the ability of Cactus, and always try to improve the quality of service provided), do not focus on short-term or temporary;

Ensuring maximum benefits of customers (consulting all the rights that customers have in each case, attaching Cactus’s rights to customers’ benefits), not compromising with debtors to reduce benefits (the agreement with the debtor to accelerate payment, but reduce the amount of payment, must be subject to customer consent);

Ensuring the right to supervise, to be provided with customers’ information. Cactus respects customers’ right to regular and irregular reporting. Cactus Administration, IT and Information functions to meet and ensure customers’ supervision.


25,000 records as of September 2019, in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Long An, Can Tho, Dong Towers, Vinh Long, An Giang, Kien Giang and Soc Trang.


  1. Cactus has been in business for 15 years and has provided services to financial and banking companies (such as HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, HD SaiSon, Vp Bank-Ho Chi Minh, Fe-Credit, VIB). , Mirae Asset, PVcomBank, SeABank, UOB). Cactus therefore understands and is able to meet the standards, requirements and ways of working with banks and financial companies.
  2. Cactus is the debt collection company that strictly follows the related laws. Cactus has never violated the law during its 15 years of operation. All activities of Cactus are supported, consulted and cooperated by TriLaw Law Firm
    • Cactus is the most secure debt recovery company: it always maintains public liability insurance and accident risk insurance for employees, without any frauds related to money. obtained by the customer.
  3. Cactus is a debt recovery company with a nationwide scale.
  4. Cactus is a debt recovery company with a nationwide scale.
  5. Cactus is able to provide a complete debt collection service to customers, including legal proceedings and sentence execution.